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Midnight Motor to Gladstone Marina

Upped anchor and departed the Boyne River, negotiating the unlit channel in the wee hours of the morning. Tony was at the helm while I sat near the bows with the torch (the spotlight was too bright) trying to keep track of the port and starboard marks. Lumpy and windy conditions didn't really help. Once out near the main shipping channel, all became easier once we determined which of the million fairy lights to follow! It was actually very easy once we got the various leads in sight, especially with leads at our stern as well.

While the kids slept, Tony and I enjoyed a lovely motor up the harbour - thankfully, with very little shipping on the move. Tied up on the end of a finger at the marina, got some sleep, then up early to check in and move to an allocated berth. Once settled, Tony and Sarah caught a taxi to the airport, where they hired a car to drive to Brisbane to collect the "jellybean" (our little purple Mazda 121 which has been taking up space in a friends' garden for the past month).

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