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Hooray, Yellow Patch.....again!

Awoke to a beautiful glassy morning. Who would have thought a muddy bottomed mangrove creek could look so gorgeous.

Motor sailed round to Yellow Patch as the wind was on the nose. Only one motor running, as the fuel pump on the starboard motor kept leaking fuel - much to Tony's frustration. I can't believe we cruised for so long in the past with only one motor. Thoroughly spoiled now. Finally managed a temporary fix and anchored in Yellow Patch with only two other boats there.

Tony and Nathan set off to assault the sand hill with boogie board in hand, while Sarah and I went for a paddle in the kayak. We all then dutifully climbed the hill to enjoy the view and then jumped...slid...tumbled down into the water for a mandatory swim to get the sand out of unspeakable places. A bit cold though.

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