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Rosslyn Bay Marina

On Friday, we motored across to Rosslyn Bay Marina and arrived at 0730.

Put the glad rags on and caught the bus to Rockhampton for some serious shopping (Sarah's birthday coming up and Nathan had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket). With all we had to do and Sarah's friend Michaela coming up from Gladstone on the train, we decided to hire a car. While the boys collected it, we girls hit the hairdressers! Once Sarah and Nathan had spent every last cent, we headed into town to Green Brothers to buy Sarah her guitar (we're expecting big things now!) Saturday found us exploring Yeppoon and doing the grocery shopping. In the afternoon, we went to visit friends, Jane and John and had a BBQ tea with them and Keith, Peg and Nat (who had driven up from Boyne). Had a fun night catching up and eating far too much.

Had a little drama on Sunday when the owner of a catamaran beside us decided to go out for a sail. There was so much growth on the underside of the boat that it had almost no propulsion. Consequently, the wind caught him and pushed him our way. We flew up on deck and had to fend off with all our strength and virtually "walk" the boat past ours. Needless to say, we arranged with the marina to move to another berth before the guy came back. We weren't home when he returned, but the word was that he had just as much trouble coming alongside as when he left. Seems our decision to move was the best one of the day!! Especially after our new paint job!! Drove to Rockhampton again to return the hire car, then Michaela's parents picked us all up and we drove back to the marina for lunch. Certainly had better - never had a steak sandwich before where you have to pay extra for fries! Spent ages doing all the washing as the laundry is tiny and dryers barely work, but eventually got through it. Met Jason (Mahi Mahi) and chatted while we worked. Finally departed around noon and headed out into lumpy seas with a mountain of water onboard (a bit nose heavy). Back to Great Keppel, but anchored at Svendsens Beach this time. Went ashore to discover a little gully with a BBQ area, hammock and swing. Had some fun there, then went for a walk before heading home for a lamb roast dinner.

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