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Bathroom Makeover In Progress

I love it that we have found our little "run to" anchorage when the winds are wrong for staying at Horseshoe Bay or over at Moreton Island. So, once again, we have been tucked up behind King Island for a couple of days. This morning we braved the choppy bay and kayaked ashore to Wellington Point for a coffee. Tony always finishes first, so I get mine in a take-away cup and today discovered that the kayak has a coffee cup holder! Probably not what it is designed for, but works for me. Paddled home without any spills.

Coffee break over, it was back to work on our bathroom makeover. For such a small space, our bathroom has had more cosmetic surgery than Kim Kardashian. We had previously renovated our bathroom during the refit back in 2009; then four years later, added a vanity and shaving cabinet. Last year, all my dreams came true and we fitted a proper shower door - I could finally say goodbye to shower curtains forever! This served us well until we decided to once again, that we needed a washing machine for our current cruising adventure.

As you can see there really wasn't anywhere to put the appliance, so bathroom reno number 4 commenced. We decided that the laundry hamper beneath the storage shelves could be chopped out, making a space for the washing machine. So Tony pulled out the vanity unit and got stuck into the surrounding shelving with a grinder and "simply" began moving everything to the right!

To be continued..........

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