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More Tangalooma

Motored back to Moreton Island as there was absolutely no breeze. The sandflies were on the rampage, so we anchored as fast as humanly possible and screened up the boat until the sun went down. Enjoyed more long walks, beaches and sand hills. As the school holidays were over, we even went for a wander through the Tangalooma Resort.

It wasn't all swimming and relaxing. Actually the weather had cooled to the point that we finally put the doonas back on the beds. We finally finished the bathroom renovation and it was wonderful to clean every surface on the boat to get rid of construction dust. It was also lovely to fill our new cupboards and return the spare cabin back to normal.

One of the interesting things about being anchored at Moreton Island is the variety of huge vessels transiting the shipping channels. They head straight towards the Island before turning towards the Brisbane River. We also happened to be ashore when the 58 metre long MICAT ferry squeezed past Windana, making her look very tiny in comparison.

And of course, what would be an anchorage without sunsets. Captured a few, but the skies were so clear that they all looked similar.

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